With the emerging scope and value of new digital media, DYNIMAX felt the need to aware the youth about careers in Digital Media Production and its scope, value, and applications and as a skill how can they benefit from it if they choose new digital media as a career.

This led to the start of DYNIMAX Skills Development Academy where students are trained on industry standard tools for the production of digital media. This includes but is not limited to Print Media Designing, Motion Graphics Designing, 3D Designing and Animations, Audio-Video Non-Linear Editing, Photography, Film-making and many more tools. The trainings are mostly project based to give student hands-on experience and prepare them for working in market right after completion of training.

We are planning to extend our training to other disciplines of I.T. that can help students build better background knowledge as well as hands-on experience.

One of the objectives of this academy is to promote Digital Media Field in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa up to a level where creative talent may choose this field as their career with dignity and earn a better livelihood.

Along with training on digital media content production, we also offer training on social media marketing. The importance of social media is inevitable in this era of communication and nowadays most of the businesses are dependent on their social media marketing rather than Print and Electronic marketing.

Our master trainers are professionals with experience in the current market and possess good communication skills. Being professionals in their fields, it is easy for the trainers to share their knowledge and experience with students and guide them in their career development.

Currently we are offering the following short courses:

  • Print Media Designing
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animations
  • Non-Linear Audio-Video Editing
  • Photography

For more details, Please visit academy during working hours.

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