Naveed Yousafzai

Naveed Yousafzai

About Naveed Yousafzai

A graduate of University of Peshawar, Naveed Yousafzai mastered in Journalism and
Mass Communication at Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan.
Naveed was Programme Manager at Campus Radio, Gomal University, establishing
Campus Radio FM 104.6, equipping the production studio and trained dozen of students
and reporters in broadcast journalism.
Having chosen to focus on radio journalism, Naveed began an internship at the Media
Training and Research Centre at the University of Peshawar, where he came into
contact with PACT Radio.
Naveed worked first as PACT Radio's Zonal Coordinator in Dera Ismail Khan and
developed production studio for PACT Radio programs and trained more then 20
reporters for PACT Radio live radio and pre-recorded programs. In 2008 he was
appointed Deputy Head of PACT Radio and chief editor of the weekly borderline
Yousafzai also worked with the journalists’ community working on both sides of the
Pak-Afghan border region and he imparted radio training to them as well. He enjoys
very cordial relations with all of them and a large number of radio stations who on aired
various programmes under the auspices of Raabta Consultants and PACT Radio in the
border zone.
Naveed also remained the team leader of our magazine team entitled Pakhtun Raabta
and he proved a valuable asset to fulfill numerous challenges and tasks on time in
shape of producing first-ever trilingual magazine.
The production proved a milestone for promoting peace, tolerance, anti-violence,
awareness and solution-oriented journalism among the downtrodden strata in FATA and
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The achievement was proved by receiving unflinching appreciation and feedback in
response of the magazine and radio transmission.
Mr. Yousafzai is now working with an International Nonprofit Organization International
Relief and Development and overseeing Communication and Outreach in Khyber
Pakhtukhwa and FATA.


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