Having a good DSLR isn’t enough

For some only taking photos with digital camera is where photography ends, but there is always the post processing that gives a photo the desired look. Software like Adobe Photoshop, lightroom and other image editing tools plays an important role in completing photography.

Taking photos in RAW format is recommended and is practiced by professional photographers but the amount of space RAW requires for storage is usually 5 times more than a normal JPEG. With the new tools and camera settings, you can “upto much extent” replace taking RAW photos with taking only JPEGs.

The photo below is taken as JPEG (settings shown, custom Flat mode with Canon 6D) and processed with Lightroom (Pass-1) and Photoshop (Pass-2)


The result is much closer to that of result from editing RAW image. For those who wants to save their storage space and also save time in post processing can use the above settings and tools.


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