Al-Nuha Foundation

Al-Nuha Foundation

Al-Nuha (Wisdom) Foundation is a community based initiative, which aims to provide free basic education facilities, health services/education, sports & cultural activities, interest-free loans to small business initiatives and community development/uplift for the impoverished neighborhoods communities across Pakistan.

The initiative is started as a primary school from a small Village Kamargai (Union Council Shergarh, District Mardan), and so far expanded the school chain to two more villages of different districts namely, Arab Danda (Union Council Sakhakot, District Malakand) and Village Hari Chand (District Charsadda).

The Constitution of the Foundation provides with a ten-member Board of Directors (BoD), which shall administer over the policy decisions and day-to-day activities. The schools and the foundation is registered with the respective Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education and with the Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtukhwa (KPK) respectively.

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