Swat District of KP, Tourism Promo

Swat District of KP, Tourism Promo

Video on Scenic Spots & Archaeological Sites in Swat Valley.

The “Video on Scenic Spots & Archaeological Sites in Swat Valley” starts with spotlighting picturesque attractions and archaeological sites in the valley. Containing stunning visuals of beautiful serene resorts, including lakes, rivers, lush green surroundings with lofty trees, snow-capped hills, flowery fruit orchards, eye-catching waterfalls, trout fish farms, ancient archaeological and Buddhism heritage, the video documentary reminds us the fact that no doubt Swat Valley is the “mini-Switzerland of Pakistan”.

The first flash videographed in the 4:29 minutes documentary is Butkarha-1, Butkarha-3, the tallest rounded Shingardara Stupa, Jehanabad Buddha, Saidu Sharif Stupa, Gumbatuna Stupa, Amluk Dara Stupa, Mosque of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi in Odigram and the beautiful Swat Museum in the archaeological sites. The camera then clicks on the fruit orchards of apple, apricots, juicy plums, peaches and pears in Swat. The videographer then goes to the Shingri, Jarogo and Mighty-22 waterfalls. One stuns to see the fresh cool water falling from the high altitude from the springs on the hilltops, which makes several lakes and then turns into streams flowing down towards the mighty and gushing River Swat. Surrounded by tall trees of cedars, the Mahodand Lake and Dhamaka Lake in Utror Valley are beautiful and worth-seeing lakes in the valley.

Trout fish farms, tourist attractions in Malam Jabba, ski resort, and thick forests, beautiful views of camping pods set up by the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Gabeen Jabba and Bashigram in Madyan, gushing River Swat sites in Bahrain and Kalam, main bazaar in Bahrain, Mankiyal, Ushu Forest in Kalam, scenes of lush green Boyun Valley, Badogoi Pass that connects Swat and Dir districts, Utror Valley, White Palace in Marghazar, handicrafts of Islampur and Falak Sar Peak are other fascinating scenes for watching in the documentary by #DYNIMAX Intermedia SMC-Pvt Ltd

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